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Black Superheroes in Comic Book Movies.

I wanted to make this to show my appreciation to black superheroes. As you can see, it’s not a lot of them in Hollywood films. But, unlike DC, I can respect Marvel for featuring several black superheroes in their comic book movies. And we are still waiting on Black Panther, Green Lantern (John Stewart), Static and many more. 

 (click the images to view the character names) 

Will.I.Am character don’t count

Why not?

Cuz he white

you know the only reason why there is a black nick fury in the comics is because samuel jackson played him in the movies and marvel liked it so much they made a black nick fury

I’m hoping you’re half-kidding bc the comics came out before the movies, and for the reboot, they based black!nick on sam and previous characters he’s played…

It’s funny because The Avengers movie series is based directly on The Ultimates - a precursor to the Ultimate ____ lines we have now, specifically centred on The Avengers.

And we’re talking like 10 years ago, I read that shit in college.

But at that point, Nick Fury was modelled extensively on Samuel L Jackson.

So it’s more like Samuel L Jackson played a black Nick Fury in the films because Samuel L Jackson played a black Nick Fury in the comics and Marvel liked it.

(Source: themjt)

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