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representation is important. this toy is important. the people who play with them are important.

People have no idea how much having medical stuff for my dolls helped me when I was younger. I have two doll wheelchairs, a Build-A-Bear “get well” set, a bald 18” ‘Sew Able’ doll (at one point between the hair thinning, scalp pain, and inability to lift my arms to care for my hair, my hair had to be cut to 1-2 inches long, and having that doll helped so much), a couple sets of Build-A-Bear scrubs, and my dolls and bears had germ masks. When I started aquatic therapy, my Sew Able doll got a swimsuit, too. She wore long sleeves to protect from the sun, just like me. Representation means so much to kids and the adults they will become.

Here are my favorite sources for inclusive dolls and bears:

  • Here’s a link to Sew Dolling’s "Sew Able" dolls and physical therapy and mobility equipment. They come with/without hair, with/without prosthesis, etc., and they are the same price (and better quality, IMHO) as American Girl dolls! They have a boy doll, as well!
  • Here's some Build-A-Bear stuff, too.
  • Here's a couple 18” doll outfits from Emily Rose (less $$ than AG, better quality and customer service, IMHO).
  • American Girl dolls can now come with/without hair and with/without hearing aids (however, they don’t come with wigs like the Sew Able dolls). Casts, crutches, and wheelchairs are also for sale.
  • Feel free to add more!






Admit it we were all a little bummed out that the old lady didn’t actually all that badass fighting in this scene




I choose to believe that before the Alzheimer’s really set in Peggy and a bunch of the other retired ladies of SHIELD used to tell their families they were going out for bingo nights and then drive into the roughest parts of the city to bring some sweet vigilante justice. Nobody ever heard about it because none of the criminals were ever willing to admit they got their asses kicked by a bunch of grandmas, but there was a sudden drop in crimes against the elderly in DC. 

(Source: mishasteaparty)

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